Refleur was born in 2014 from the idea of Marco and Deborah, already founders of “3chic” and experts of leather goods, partners in the company and companions in life. They are the ones who have a different vision, to recover the scraps of leather giving life to a unique style, drastically reducing the impact on the environment.
Those scraps, made of high quality certified Made in Italy leather of controlled origin, are a precious asset that should not be wasted, but valued in another form.

The goal is to send a message. Raise awareness. Aim for implementation of a sustainable and circular economy.

With this philosophy we create trendy, elegant and unique quality products.
For this reason Refleur is an unique, eco friendly and original brand.

Refleur has a different, innovative and eco-sustainable vision.
To revive the “waste” of high quality Made In Italy leather goods to enhance them in a unique product of its kind.
All from a circular economy perspective.


Made in Italy

The material used is heterogeneous for quality, form, dimension and finishes. The selection of the best Italian quality leathers allows us to have a finished product, cured, valuable and rigorously Made in Italy.


No Treatment

The leathers that we usually use are treated exclusively with non-toxic materials, all in respect of the environment and eco-sustainability.



The processing of the products of Refleur adapts to the recovery by working with a view to giving new life to even the smallest flap of leather with creativity and ingenuity.



Sustainable Leather Goods

Leather goods are an important sector for Italian economy, especially for the success of exports abroad of major Made in Italy brands.

In the Italian territory there are many companies specialized in leather processing which unfortunately, in addition to the economic benefits deriving from the success of the sector, also raise some problems related to the issue of processing waste.

For this reason, companies, including Refleur, have decided to embrace an eco-sustainable policy.


The world of Refleur is waiting to be discovered.
Do not hesitate, write us immediately.